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Recent Projects

Mantaray Sculpture - Brisbane

We were recently commissioned to install this amazing Mantaray Sculpture in a private residence in Brisbane.


We custom made the rigging points which were attached 7 metres high on the walls either side and suspended the 90kgs sculpture 3 metres above the ground with the assistance of our four expert art handlers 

Private Residential Client

Mantaray Sculpture installation
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mnataray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture
Mantaray Sculpture

Brisbane Recital Hall - CBD

Professional art gallery hanging system installed across three levels at the Brisbane Recital Hall 

50 metres of silver 'Clip Rail' with stainless steel 'Cobra Cables' and buton 'Ratchet Hooks' to display artworks for art events in their public spaces without having to drill and damage the walls each time

Commercial Project

Jan 2018

Salon Hang Style Decor
Family photo wall with the help of _fledermausphoto _melbournearthanging _beaumontmajor  #clusterwal
Art hanger Art installers
Family photo wall
Art opening at UNSW Oxford St
Art and photo hanging services
Artshow in Sydney
Art display systems, hanging systems
Art placement advice, advice of hang
Salon Hang
Interior design ideas for Artworks

Residential Large Heavy Mirror Installation

Installation of 12 handcrafted, bevel edged and 'antiqued' and 'distressed' style timber mirrors installed onto hollow gyprock walls, 15-100kg mirrors each

Custom engineered fitting and innovative installation technicques

Private Residential Clients

Dec 2017

Huge Steel Mirror installation
Mirror installation services
Mirror Wall Install
40k frameless mirrors into hollow wall 🤨..
Sydney Picture Hanging
Large gold mirror hanging services
Antique Mirror

Aurora Place - Renzo Piano Building, CBD

Large 3 metre x 3 metre Canvas installation at Aurora Place in Brisbane CBD

Jan 2010

Put this here with my Dad more than 10 years ago still my favourite ! #auroraplace #abnamro
Art transport Sydney
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  • Brisbane Picture Hanging
  • Brisbane Picture Hanging


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